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Welcome to Starlista

This blog is all about fashion, style, and the latest trend.


See the latest news about New Clothes Style and all related to clothes.


See the latest news about New Fashion Trend and all related to Fashion.

Latest Trends

See the latest news about New Trends in the world of Fashion.

About Me

Hello, everyone, my name is Gia. I am a college student who is a Fashionista and love to blog her idea.

What Would You Expect

You can find here about new trends in the fashion industry, the latest styles of clothes available in the market.

My Mission

Is to give you the latest information about fashion industry, latest styles of clothes and latest trend i will also help you showing your real self by giving makeup tutorials, brand recommendations, product and brand reviews and many more things.

Latest Post

  • Fashion Beauty. Beautiful Woman With hairsyle  and Luxury Makeup. Beautiful Girl Face Why taking good care of yourself is important October 14, 2016 Posted in: Clothes, Fashion, Styles, Uncategorized

    In this busy and fast-paced world, probably you might not be taking good care of yourself, but remember ignoring yourself might put you in a situation where you feel low, tired and overwhelmed.

    That is why taking good self-care is very important. Here are the few benefits that you can get by taking good care of yourself:

    • Nourishes your body:

    When you feed your body good food and exercise, then you will find that your body gets more beautiful. You need to treat your body with love and care to transform it in a way you want it.

    • Makes your skin beautiful and glowing:

    It is true that you get a beautiful glowing skin only if you are healthier inside. And to do so, you need to take good care of yourself. The beauty comes from within the body not just by using makeup products from outside.

    • Makes you a happier person:

    When you take a good care of yourself, you feel more energetic and happier. It helps you develop a more cheerful and loving person.


    • Avoid health and mental problem:

    Healthy eating and lifestyle reduce the chances of various health problems. Also, it makes you a more mentally strong person due to less stress, self-esteem, and confidence.

    • Help others in society:

    If you cannot help yourself, then you cannot expect from yourself that you can help anyone else. So, take good care of yourself first to be good to anyone else.

    • You can inspire others:

    If you are one such person who is happy, lively, energetic and positive, then you can also inspire other people to be like you and take good self-care. You will become a role model for others.


    • Makes you an active person:

    Ignoring yourself can sometimes make you lazy, selfish and sick person. So, taking good care of yourself makes you a more active, energetic and socializing person.

    • Important for women:

    Self-care is very important, especially for women. Most of the times women act like superheroes who juggle themselves from kids to office, marriage, home, parties and so many things and have to take care of so many things. So, you need to take extra care of yourself as a woman if you want to care of so many tasks without getting tired and burned out.

    To discover more happy, cheerful and beautiful you need to pamper yourself and take a good care of yourself.

Hi ! I’m Gia

I am a college student who is a Fashionista and love to blog her idea. With this blog, I share my idea on what to wear, how to wear and when to wear.

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